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Fleet Management System

NEXCOM’s fleet management system combines rugged PC vehicle terminal, satellite technology, and WLAN/WWAN connectivity. It gives fleet operators visibility of how, when, and where their equipment is used, allowing operators to further increase safety, efficiency, and productivity.


NEXCOM’s vehicle terminal collects big data for more efficient fleet management and operation. The data gives users the capability of real-time, remote diagnostics, vehicle tracking, trend analysis, driver performance analysis, and operational record keeping. A “plug-and-perform” design, comprehensive capabilities, and flexibility differentiate NEXCOM’s fleet management system from other telematics systems on the market.

Product Model Name Processor I/O CAN Bus Wireless Options
c3b462b1-3ac0-406b-9c52-7e818cec3f70 FMS 1000 ST Processor 3 x DI
3 x DO
3 x Analog-In
1 x RS-232
1 x iButton
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